What We Do

The project ‘Implementing Integrated Water Resources and Wastewater Management in Atlantic and Indian Ocean Small Island Developing States, in short ‘IWRM AIO SIDS’ project is a collective effort of the GEF, UNEP and UNDP and Small Island Developing States in the Atlantic and Incian Ocean towards sustainable and integrated water resources and wastewater management for the protection of the in-land island, coastal and marine environment of these two oceans. The IWRM AIO SIDS project is being led by UNEP and is financially supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and all participating countries.

The IWRM AIO SIDS’ overarching goal is to strengthen the commitment and capacity of the participating countries to implement an integrated approach to the management of freshwater resources, with a long-term goal of enhancement of the capacity of the countries to plan and manage their aquatic resources and ecosystems on a sustainable basis.

The IWRM AIO SIDS project works through two lines of actions:

  • technical and policy support led by UNEP (Regional Project); and
  • co-financing of projects on the ground let by UNDP (National Demonstration Projects).