Press Conference on the National IWRM Plan for Comoros

P1040935Moroni, Comoros – On 01 September 2017, the Ministry of Production, Environment, Energy, Industry and Crafts of Comoros hosted a press conference on the validation of a new national Integrated Water Resources Management Plan. The goal was to inform them on the content and the expected outcomes of the long terms plan.

The objective of the Plan is to establish a framework for collaboration and implementation of political, legislative, institutional and economic reforms with a view to achieving sustainable water resources management and supporting the socio-economic development of the country.

Stakeholders and sectors associated with water management in the country all gathered on Thursday and Friday to finalise discussions and officially endorse the document. The IWRM plan for Comoros is based on three pillars: economic efficiency, social equity and environmental preservation.

It will help the government achieve its vision for the water and sanitation sector by establishing a high-performing, accessible and equitable water management and distribution system by 2030. The current state of water resources management in Comoros points to weaknesses that greatly hampers the achievement of equitable and efficient management of water resources to the detriment of the population and the environment of the archipelago.

Several national media houses attended the event and were given the opportunity to ask questions the expert who supported the development of the plan, as well as to a representative of the Ministry of Production, Environment, Energy, Industry and Crafts of Comoros who was the authority leading the process.