Comoros Trains Water Actors to Conflict Management

Moroni, Comoros – Within the framework of the implementation of the Integrated Water Resources Management in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean Small Island Developing States (IWRM AIO SIDS) project, the General Directorate of Environment and Forests (DGEF) of Comoros organized a national workshop on conflict management and resolution mechanisms in Moroni on 17 and 18 January 2017.

This workshop was organized following the participation of Comorian representatives in a training of trainers on the same topic carried out in Nairobi from 2 to 5 November 2016. The overall goal of the training was to strengthen the technical capacities of the Union of the Comoros and its institutions to better manage conflict arriving from managing water resources.

In Comoros, the issue of land ownership often poses problems when it comes to exploiting and managing water resource in a sustainable way. Sometimes these disagreements can turn into violent conflicts between villages and communities. It is therefore important to learn how to identify and analyse them in order to promote cooperation, through specific mechanisms of settlement. It is in this context that the training was organised

61 representatives of different sectors with an interest in water (administrations, local communities, NGOs and municipalities) attended the training, among which were 25 women participants. The questions raised by the participants were mainly linked to lessons learned from the development and implementation of a watershed management plan on the island of Anjouan, to the nature and types of water conflicts in the Comoros and how to resolve them and how react to water-related conflicts. At the end of the training, two recommendations were made: the first one was to replicate the training on the island of Anjouan and the second one was to look into designign conflict resolution mechanisms at national level in Comoros.

For more information on this activity, kindly contact: Ahmed Ouledi, IWRM Policy Support Analyst in Comoros at: